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I like it when posts like this are actually true

Zach Braff did an AMA on reddit a while ago and said the script would sometimes just say “Then Neil says something funny”

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This is cool and useful, but I feel obliged to mention this isn’t learning elvish, this is learning to write English in one of the elvish alphabets.

If I weren’t incredible sick and able to be at the laptop for more than 5 minutes at a time I would find some cool links for learning the elvish languages. 

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Graze Boxes

Any of you poor few followers have any experience with them? I’ll be receiving a few free boxes from them over the next few weeks and I want to know what to expect.

Anonymous asked: You're doing your readerbase a disservice by leading them to believe that they can both be a nerd & ever have a relationship. Nerds are boring, one-dimensional people. No one wants to talk about the latest tabletop or card game. Video games are for layabouts. If you want someone to be interested in you, you need to become a more well-rounded person. That means putting down the game controller & experiencing life for a change. 'Nuff said.



Right. You should probably get started on telling Chris Hardwick that he’s not really dating Chloe Dykstra. Or that Patton Oswalt isn’t happily married with a wonderful daughter. Or that Vin Diesel couldn’t possibly be dating anyone. Or that Robin Williams could never have had an incredible family including a daughter named after his favorite video game.

I mean, clearly, these are nerds and geeks who couldn’t possibly be having relationships. So it’s up to you, dear Anonymous to wake them up to the delusion of their existence.

I mean, seriously?

I just can’t react to this without descending into laughter


Speaking of electro swing, you should totally check out Kitten and the Hip

I just checked them out and I enjoyed!

Also speaking of electro swing, did you go to swingamajig in Digbeth this year?